Obesity - consultation

Obesity is a medical disorder which results from a chronic imbalance between energy intake and food consumption.
This leads to fat or weight gain and may have negative effects on health, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea and hypertension.

Therefore obesity is also a chronic disease: there is need for long-term multidisciplinary treatment, there are no short-term cures and stopping a treatment noticeably leads to patients relapsing.

Obesity is mostly classified according to the level of your BMI, which means Body Mass Index.

The more weight one loses, the better for one’s health. A 5% to 10% loss in weight already diminishes the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In Belgian clinics, patients can consult:

  • An endocrinologist, a specialist in metabolisms
  • A dietician
  • A behavioural therapist
  • A movement therapist
  • An obesity surgeon

Obesity - consultation