How does it work?

The Betamedics team makes every effort to make your treatment and stay in Belgium unforgettable, from the very first telephone contact up to the follow-up, long after your treatment. Everything revolves around your needs and desires.

Before your departure

We establish your medical needs during an interview and offer the best treatment from the best specialist. We then arrange an appointment with the specialist together with you. In order to prepare this consultation meticulously, you must fill out a medical questionnaire that relates to your specific treatment beforehand. Should you not opt for our basic service, we will compile a tailored service package together with you. Visa, transport, hotel, ... Everything is arranged for you. We will provide you with a detailed schedule of your treatment or surgery and your stay in Belgium. 

Upon arrival

Upon your arrival at the airport, we take you in a luxury car to the hotel or hospital. A drink and a selection of international magazines await you in the car. You will find a welcome pack in your hotel room, including typical Belgian top products, additional information about your treatment, your stay in Belgium, ... You will be guided and assisted by a personal assistant of Betamedics on the day of your treatment or surgery.

During your stay

You can rely on our full service 24 hours a day from your arrival until your departure.

You will enjoy a private driver and the help of a personal assistant who will guide you in the hospital. She knows the hospital by heart and she will guide you towards the doctor and your hospital room. You can ask our personal assistant to help you with anything you need.

During your stay we even can compose a program with visits to cities, restaurants, relaxation, sports, shopping for you and your family.

After the treatment is done and you recovered at the hospital, we will drive you back to the hotel. If you want us to, we can book a nice restaurant or an evening walk in the city. It’s up to you.

The day of the post control treatment, we will come and pick you up on time. We will drive you to the doctor and assist you with all the documents.

Feel at ease, BETAMEDICS will take care of everything.


We take you back to the airport in a luxury car at the end of your stay. VIP lounge, personal assistance, a trolley if needed, ... Everything can be arranged. We also provide you with a well-prepared folder with all the needed documents relating to your treatment.

Even back home, we will stay your point of contact. Betamedics will check your hospital invoices and make sure all the details are correct.


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