Betamedics - what our clients say


Attention to detail

"Betamedics quickly answered my questions and scheduled my appointment. They provide me a detailed schedule and services adjusted according to my needs. I didn’t need translations or a personal assistant but everything was clearly described." (Alex P.  from Qatar)
 1 month ago

Great medical care in Belgium

"Friendly medical staff who speaks fluently English and French." (Rania and Youssef M. from Morocco)
 1 month ago

Удовлетворена поддержкой и лечением

"Теперь у меня есть хороший опыт! Для планирования моих встреч и моего лечения  однозначно -Бетамедикс". (Светлана П. из России)
  2  месяца назад

Очень дружелюбный помощник

"Отличный личный помощник, просто нет слов." (Гаяне Д. из Армении)
  3  месяца назад

Successful and carefree treatment

"Betamedics helped me with the medical procedure so I didn’t have to deal with administrative issues. Thank you for the great service!" (Omar R. from Kuwait)
 4 months ago

Очень  хороший личный помощник

"Личный помощник вела  меня в больницу,  помогала мне со всеми переводами, она также знала больницу наизусть. Еще раз огромное спасибо за вашу поддержку." (Юлия С. из России
  5  месяца назад

No worries

"Betamedics scheduled a Skype consultation within two weeks with the fertility specialist and we could easily discuss all possibilities. After the consultation, our personal assistant established a schedule and made all practical arrangements with the hospital. During our stay we could rely on the 24 hours service." (Nasser K. from Saudi Arabia)
 6 months ago

Excellent service

"We were very satisfied with the planning, professional doctors, accommodation and treatment itself." (Rashid F. from the United Arab Emirates)
 8 months ago

Отличная поддержка

"Всегда  отвечают  в течении 24 часов." (Зариф А. из Узбекистана)

 10  месяца назад

High-quality treatment

"I quickly received my treatment plan and I’m very satisfied about healthcare in Belgium. Everything was very clear." (Jassim F. from Oman)
 10 months ago

Kind assistance

"I would definitely recommend the services to anyone who needs to coordinate their international healthcare." (Yassine M.  from Tunisia)
 1 year ago

Belgium is a top choice

"I’m glad we chose Belgium as medical destination for our fertility treatment." (Amaya & Samir K.  from the United Arab Emirates)
 1 year ago

Great support

"From the beginning Betamedics gave me excellent help and support to schedule my appointments and surgery in the best hospital for my treatment. I’m very satisfied with the treatment itself and the professional approach from the doctors and medical staff at the hospital." (Olivia A. from Congo)
 1,5 year ago

Comfortable stay in Belgium

"Thanks to Betamedics I had a comfortable stay in Belgium during my treatment. " (Irina V. from Ukraine)
 1,5 year ago

Great service

"I was able to start with the treatment quickly after the first consultation with the doctor. During my stay the personal assistant helped me with all documents and guided me in the hospital." (Igor S. from Ukraine)
 1,5 year ago


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