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in Belgium's Best Hands

Betamedics gives you access to the best medical treatments in Belgium. We offer tailored service packs that guarantee a successful and comfortable stay in our country.

Our services

Schedule the appointment

  • establish your medical needs
  • arrange appointment with best doctor
  • detailed schedule
  • follow up the medical treatment yourself or ask us to accompany you

Administrative support

  • travel visas and hospital documents for you and your loved ones
  • translations of documents
  • financial transactions

Your trip and transfers

  • airline tickets, VIP lounge, special assistance
  • local transportation in luxury cars
  • transport to the hospital or private practice 
  • car rental, 24-hours private driver, private jet
Betamedics Full Service 24/7 Your stay in complete comfort
  • hotel and restaurant bookings
  • reservation of suitable private residence, B&B, apartment, loft, etc.
  • medical assistance and aftercare in your hotel/accommodation
  • mobility aid hire (mobility scooter, wheelchair, etc.)
  • catering, wellness, massages, pedicures, stylist, ...

Meet the founders

Betamedics founders - Tiemen Darras | Liesje Sobry
Liesje SOBRY


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